Why do roses cost so much more on Valentine's Day?

Why do roses cost so much more on Valentine's Day?

Why do roses cost so much more on Valentine's Day?

The simple answer to this is supply and demand.

But here is a little more in-depth answer if you are interested……..

Growers need to pinch back their crops in order to time them to be ready for mid February. This leads to a period of lost production and income for the grower, which they recover by upping the price of the next crop.

Transportation costs also increase. Some of the roses used today are imported from Ecuador and Columbia. There is such a high demand for the holiday that there is often not enough time to wait for a return load and cargo planes return empty to pick up the next shipment of roses. The additional freight needed to move all these blooms is reflected in the price.

The rest of the roses are grown in vast green-houses in Holland and sold through the Dutch flower auctions. The Dutch flower auctions supply virtually all of Europe with fresh flowers. The growers have to set aside room to grow millions of roses for Valentine’s Day. They have to time the roses just right so that they’re ready to bloom for the big day. They sit on acres and acres of empty glasshouses waiting for the right time to plant. Once it’s time to harvest, it all has to happen within a few days. They bring in extra people to cut all the flowers. It’s all done by hand not machine. Then, they need to hire transport to deliver the flowers. The Wholesalers again need to hire extra people to help with the massive amount of roses coming in. They hire more trucks and delivery drivers, and rent huge coolers to store the excess flowers in.

The short days and cold temperatures add to the energy costs needed to produce premium blooms.

I had to order my roses a month ago. I know the best varieties to buy in order to offer the best quality. This is where you can see a fluctuation of pricing from one place to another. A reputable florist can't offer a deal on roses on Valentine's Day. Anywhere that does, has probably bought the seconds or thirds that no one else wanted to take.

As a Florist it is more important to still be in business after the big day, so not all the extra costs are passed on to my customers.

You can pay lower prices for red roses at the Supermarket or by ordering on-line because they buy in bulk, but they do not offer the same quality of flowers or my personalized service, and your flowers are more than likely to arrive in a box !

How do you get the most for your money?

- Call me !!! Gill on 01243-531581 - Order Early! - Send a mixed arrangement that includes a few roses - Take good care of your investment, by following the care instructions, including, changing the water and recut the stems every couple days.