Wedding flowers and supplies from your Chichester Florist

Wedding flowers and supplies from your Chichester Florist

Wedding flowers and supplies from your Chichester Florist

Your Chichester Florist has noticed this week that the Southend Barns Wedding venue is advertising a Bridal Boot Fair for Bank Holiday Monday 6th May. The idea is that newlywed couples can go along and sell on all their pre-loved wedding items, and Brides-to-be can go along and buy them to use themselves.


I expect people will be selling things like vases, wooden boxes, jam jars, lanterns, candelabras and venue decorations, and I just don’t understand why ! I have all these things available, at my Workshop, at North Mundham, Chichester. I have got a shed load of things that can be used and I am more than happy to make up fresh flower packages depending on couples requirements. Why do people go to the expense of buying these things when I can supply them, include them in a package, arrange flowers, deliver, set up and take away again after the Wedding.


Every time I look at the Marketplace on Facebook there are people selling wedding items, I may not have any dresses to supply ! But why go and buy things like Candelabras when you can hire them for the day from me ?


Looking today there is someone in Chichester selling a Postbox – I think these look a bit boring and unoriginal and have a much better option, I could decorate a pretty Birdcage to use as a letter box, or I have a lovely wooden wine crate box that could be used. They are also selling wooden log slices, I have got a much prettier option, have a look -


Surely it is less aggravation, when there are so many other things, couples could be doing and spending their money on ! They can just come along and see me, I know most of the wedding venues in the area really well. I know where fresh flowers can be used to decorate and the styles that will suit the surroundings. I can provide a service where I can arrange the flowers using all the items I have available and come up with a combined price, surely this is a cheaper way of doing things ? Then the couples or their family are not stuck with all these things to firstly store and then to sell on again afterwards.


Check out the Equipment Hire page on my website -


Just call your Chichester Florist and arrange to come and see me at my Workshop and see what I have to offer !