The power of flowers

The power of flowers

Your Chichester Florist thinks that flowers are powerful things ! Flowers can do far more than brightening up your room, flowers can have an uplifting and cheery effect on your mood as well. But, more than this, research has shown that the impact can last for many days, so flowers can be far more powerful than things like a box of chocolates !

Flowers can make people feel less depressed, agitated or troubled, they can chase away worries and anxieties. Flowers can boost energy and happiness creating a more positive perspective, and improving creativity and productivity.

This is why your Chichester florist thinks that is important to have welcoming flowers or plants in the Reception areas of places and we do deliver weekly to many places such as Offices, Dental Surgeries, Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. Not only that, fresh flowers create a point of interest and give people something to talk about.

It is worth investing in having a regular fresh flower arrangement, not just in the workspace, but at home too, they are sure to improve creativity and boost performance. By displaying flowers at home, it creates a welcoming environment for guests.

Sending flowers is a great way to connect with people, just showing family and friends that you have gone to the effort of finding a local Chichester florist and placed an order for delivery shows the recipient that you have given thought and consideration and not just ordered something from one of these online production line places.

It is such a shame that we are not allowed to deliver flowers to St. Richards Hospital anymore, but rules about hygiene prevents this happening these days, which is completely understandable, also the staff have better things to do than finding vases and dealing with the flowers. But if someone is poorly or convalescing even, a lovely bouquet or arrangement of flowers can only create a sense of wellbeing and problems like blood pressure, fatigue and heart rate can only improve.

Flowers are the perfect solution to express your emotions, and if you would like any advise, just call your Chichester Florist and we can easily arrange a delivery of fresh flowers for you in the Chichester or Bognor Regis area of West Sussex.