Peonies – Your Chichester Florists favorites !

Peonies – Your Chichester Florists favorites !

During May and June the gorgeous Peony flower is in season. They are a striking flower, ideal for creating impact in Bouquets and centerpieces, and are especially beautiful to use in Wedding flowers.

Peonies were introduced in Europe in the 1780’s but were originally cultivated in China. In China the flowers were grown for the properties in its roots, which were used to clot blood and reduce fever, but I wouldn’t recommend that now !

Love, health and happiness are represented by the Peony, so it is no surprise that they are a popular choice of flower at this time of year for weddings, and why not just buy some for yourself and bring some love and positivity into your home ?

These days there are over 1000 varieties in all sorts of colours and shapes; they can come from a single row of petals, or with semi-double or double flowers. Your Chichester Florist always has a stock of Peonies at this time of year, as I like to include them in all the flower displays that I create. The flowers vary in colour from deep red, shades of pink and coral, white and soft yellow.

The flowers are delivered here to your florist in Chichester with really tight heads, of only about 3cm, which gradually unfurl to display beautifully scented flowers, up to 15-18cm in diameter. What I will be looking out for before I deliver Peonies, and what you should look for when buying any, is a bud that is slightly coloured, if you cannot see the colour of the petals, the flowers could be unripe and will possibly not open.

Sometimes when you buy these flowers they can have a sticky substance on the bud, just hold these under a tap running with luke warm water, this will dissolve the nectar so that the flowers will open beautifully,

So if you receive a bouquet containing Peonies or even buy a bunch in a supermarket, you do need to trim 5cm off the stem with sharp scissors or knife, place the flowers in fresh water in a clean vase. The flowers will be thirsty so keep an eye on the level of water in the vase and keep it topped up. As with all fresh flowers it is important not to place the vase in full sun, in a draught or close to a fruit bowl. If you would like your Chichester Florist to deliver a bouquet containing Peonies to anyone over the next few weeks, just give us a call ! Or if you are maybe planning a wedding for this time next year, arrange to come and see me for a chat about your fresh flower requirememts.