Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Wow that was an amazing Mother’s Day weekend !

I had been very skeptical over the last few months, with making my plans as Brexit day as scheduled to take place on the 29th March and Mothering Sunday was the 31st. I had visions of any flowers I ordered stuck on a truck in a tailback on the other side of the channel and I also thought that because of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, no one would be spending any money and no one would want to buy flowers. Well I was so wrong !

I had to place my order for fresh flowers for Mother’s Day weekend weeks ago with my Floristry Wholesaler. I always keep a diary and list of what I have used the previous year which I use as a guide when calculating what flowers I need to order for this time. I like to check what was popular in previous years, what colours people have requested etc and I base my order around that.

But this year, I scaled down my order, halving the number of stems that I would normally ask for in some cases. For instance last year it was so cold that it really was not a good time for Bouvardia as the stems were freezing and spoiling – so I didn’t order any of those, and of course I shouldn’t have worried.

In previous years I have got my organization down to a fine art ! Buckets of water ready and waiting, cards written, delivery routes planned, but this time, until the very last minute I was still not convinced.

And then I had a great surprise ! Towards the end of the week the phone didn’t stop ringing and my email kept beeping with incoming orders !

I worked making up bouquets until late into the evening on Friday and until 8pm on Saturday, I was back at the Workshop at 7am on Sunday, but still did not have everything ready for my Sunday drivers. They don’t like knocking on peoples doors before 9am on Mothers’s Day !

A lot of my regular customers are organized and order in advance, but others – ( and you know who you are ! ) do tend to leave it to the last minute, and some even waited until the Sunday morning to order. But, my faithful sister Jan was there to get me organized and my Partner Tony was there bright and early to start making the deliveries. It did mean that instead of having everything delivered by 12noon on Sunday, we were a bit later this year, unfortunately.

Jan and Tony made record breaking 55 deliveries of fresh flower arrangements and bouquets all over the Chichester area on Saturday and Sunday, from Aldwick to Fishbourne and from Selsey and Wittering to Up Marden. Some of my customers order every year, so they know exactly where to go and have the whole operation down to a fine art.

So my Florist worries were unfounded and all the fresh flower deliveries through out Chichester were successful ! Now I need a holiday !