How to find your Wedding florist cont.

How to find your Wedding florist cont.

Bringing photo’s to your Chichester Florist will be helpful to give an idea of the look you will want to achieve, but be prepared that the florist may have to point out that certain flowers may not be in season, they may be outrageously expensive and as it as happened before, the flowers in the picture were silk !

But your florist will be able to offer suggestions of substitutes that can be used to achieve the same designs.

Your Chichester Florist will probably know your venue, so if you can also provide pictures and have ideas of the décor that you are going for it all helps to give an idea of your style, whether it be countrified and rustic in a barn or sophisticated and elegant in a stately home. Where people go wrong is to try and combine the two, seeing bales of hay stacked outside the front of Goodwood House seemed wrong to me !

There are so many factors that you may wish to bring together to complement the venue such as the table linens, props and lighting. Some venues have lots of props provided that you can use and some are a blank canvas. We have lots of items that can be hired in that case to help to fill the space, such as a lovely wooden easel for your table plan. So, we can talk about these things when you come to see your Chichester Florist for your free wedding consultation.

It is appreciated that you may not have any idea of what you can get for your money, so it is helpful if you can tell your florist just what your budget is, and have a rough idea of what you would like. That way your Chichester Florist will not suggest things that you just will not be able to afford.

Remember that with everything you get what you may for. If you are simply shopping around looking for the cheapest possible options you will most probably find a cheaper florist, but will you be happy with what they produce for you. Make sure that you see genuine pictures that are the florists own work. A Bride recently questioned the price that I quoted for a Bridesmaids Gypsophila posy, because she had been quoted half the price by another florist, when I queried this and asked if she had seen pictures of a previous bouquet that florist had made, she quickly booked the day with me !

You will not just be paying for the flowers, you are also paying for your florists time and expertise.