Flowers in your hair

Flowers in your hair

Your Chichester Florist is finding that more and more people are wanting to wear fresh flowers in their hair, not only Brides for Weddings but for other events too.

Using fresh flowers is such a simple way to dress up a conventional up-do and add a pretty and individual look to a hairstyle. A messy bun can look totally different with a few well-placed flowers.

There are many options when you use flowers as a hair accessory, all depending on your wedding or personal style we will help you to find what will be the right thing for you, showing lots of different options. You may want to be an elegant English rose with dainty spray rose buds or wisps of wax flower or even a loose floral crown if you would like a bohemian wild look for your special wedding day. In 2019 there was a 34% rise in rustic style weddings !

There are always fascinators or hair clips that can be used, especially for other occasions such as a day at West Sussex – Chichester – famous - Goodwood Races ! But a simple orchid or gardenia will look amazing with a simple chignon or side knot with a slicked back style. Hairbands of delicate flowers are beautiful too, especially with a more relaxed style. The most commonly requested hair flowers are tiny sprigs of Gypsophila, which your hairdresser can scatter through a half up half down style, this looks so pretty, or any other flower can be used, it is an idea to pick out a flower being used in the Brides bouquet to complement it.

Flower crowns suit brides that are quite confident as this makes a real statement and are very popular. I can offer flower crown making workshops, this is a great idea for a Hen-do activity ! If you are wearing the dress of your dreams on your Wedding day, then why not go for a stunning floral crown too ! Rich red flowers and bold crimson look so good in the winter time, we can advise on the best flowers to use to match your colour scheme at anytime of the year. Your hair colour is an important element too as we will want to create something really stunning.

Selecting the best flowers to use is the first thing to consider for your Chichester Florist, I need to select flowers with strong stems and sturdy petals. Flowers such as anemone or orchids work well. Heavy flowers such as roses are not suitable and flowers such as tulips are prone to misbehave. The flowers will not have a water source so if you expect them to last all day and all night, you would need to go for flowers such as Gypsophila or Lavender.

You will need to keep the hair flowers as cool as possible until the last minute, possibly in a fridge. It is best to keep them as fresh and crisp as long as you can. Your Chichester florist will generally deliver your wedding flowers about 2 hours before the service or 2 hours before you need to leave for the venue.

You cannot risk spraying the hair flowers with hair spray, as this may damage the petals and they will not look as good as they should.

The most important thing is to get plenty of photos whilst the flowers are at their best and looking fresh.

Your Chichester Florist is always happy to give you advice and ideas, so just get in touch and arrange your no obligation wedding consultation !