Divine Dahlias

Divine Dahlias


During the late summer and autumnal months of the year, breathtaking Dahlias are in season brings their large heads and brilliant bright colours to our Weddings and events.

In assorted shapes, sizes and colours these vibrant flowers really come into their own, there are dozens of different varieties with some resembling daisies, peonies and water lilies. The most eye catching feature of these flowers are the petals, sometimes just a single row, sometimes dozens, with amazing numbers of shape and colour combinations. Sometimes the petals are rolled, elongated or round and the flowers themselves can vary in size and can reach more than a 20cm diameter, this would be far to big or practical to use in a wedding, but for the people who grow these blooms to exhibit, things can get very competitive !

The Dahlia is a tuberous plant originating in Mexico, the flowers were brought to Europe in the early 1800’s and started to be grown commercially soon afterwards, the plant is named after a Swedish Botanist Andreas Dahl.

This flower gives the message “Yours forever” and symbolizes strength and abundance. Looking spectacular alone in a vase, Dahlias also look good mixed with other flowers, in the right conditions, they can last in a vase for ages. They are a popular choice these days for weddings because of their bold and vibrant colours. They have a relaxed and rustic feel and work well used at that type of event.

If you are considering a vibrant coloured theme to your wedding, just contact your Chichester florist of some ideas of how we can use Dahlias to enhance your special day,