Decorating your home for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas

We cant have Christmas without loads of glitter and sparkle ! From the end of November, your Chichester Florist is constantly covered from head to toe in glitter and it always end up on my face !

At home we have lots of sparkle and lights twinkling everywhere, but among it all I love to include fresh flowers with Christmas foliage and berries, not only will be the arrangements look great, but they smell divine !

We do not have a fireplace in our current home, so I miss out on making a traditional garland, but I am more than happy to create hearth garlands for my customers as well as decorating staircases etc. Loads of seasonal foliage combined with lights, baubles, pine cones and berries just looks so stunning.

I have a selection of Noble pine wreath rings in stock, from the small 10 inch size to the larger 16 inch, which I can decorate and create a bespoke design for you, I can add cinnamon, dried fruit slices, cones, baubles, all sorts of things and them finish it off with a pretty trailing ribbon or bow. Just name your colour scheme and I can make a bespoke design for you. This year I am also trialing “Door wrapping” – just watch this space !

Often the simplest ideas are the most effective – I like to fill a tall clear glass vases with baubles – add some battery operated fairy lights and you have a really simple yet effective masterpiece ! Another option is to just fill a large bowl with baubles, attach some festive ribbon & hang them all over the place, from light fittings or chandeliers, in windows – where ever !

Buy some silver or gold spray paint, find some twigs and pine cones and get creative ! Your Chichester florist is always around to provide any bits and pieces you may need and has loads more ideas, so just give me a call on 01243-531581