Christmas is nearly here

Christmas is nearly here

You can certainly tell that Christmas is nearly here at your Chichester Florist, Earth Seed to Bloom, all the Christmas Decorations have been rediscovered in the depths of the shed, crates and boxes full of surprises and old favorites ! There are bunches and bunches of Christmasy Ting and Cones all lined up and ready to be included with the fresh flowers in our bouquets and arrangements for delivery through out the Chichester and Bognor Regis areas over the Christmas period.

The forecast shows that cold weather is on the way, it would be lovely to have a lovely pretty snowy time at Christmas, but please save a thought for your Chichester Florist, who has flowers to arrange for a Wedding on the 28th December !

Our blue spruce wreath rings are lined up ready for decoration, some customers prefer the traditional cones, orange slices and cinnamon sticks, not only do they smell divine, but look good too ! Scented candles set amongst foliages make great table centres, your Chichester Florist, made so many last year ! This warm and inviting idea is a very popular request.

Your Chichester Florists favorite idea, is using a glass hurricane lamp style vase, holding a large chunky church candle and creating an arrangement around the base with baubles, pine cones and an assortment of other bits and pieces. My Christmas tree at home now heaves under the assortment of Father Christmas’s we have acquired over the years, my Son’s & I have brought a new Father Christmas every year, for our tree and I now realize that we must have 24 or more of them !

We get asked for lots of corporate commissions over the Christmas period, we do lots of arrangements for restaurants, shops, hotels and offices, our customers like to welcome their customers in true festive style.

If I can help to provide you with any arrangements of flowers or foliage over the next few Christmas weeks, just give me a call or send an email and I will what I can to help, whether you would like us to deliver an enormous bouquet to give as a gift or just a bunch of mistletoe – you don’t need to be reminded - but your Chichester florist can be contacted on 01243-531581