2014 - Buying guide for Mother's Day Flowers

2014 - Buying guide for Mother's Day Flowers

2014 - Buying guide for Mother's Day Flowers

How do you decide what to buy your Mum for Mother’s Day ?

Traditionally Flower’s are the ideal gift, but

  • What flowers ?
  • Would she like something scented ?
  • What colours ?
  • Will she have a vase to put them in ?

Some flowers do last longer than others; Chrysanthemums and Carnations can last for a couple of weeks, Roses and Lilies up to 7-10 days. All our flowers and arrangements come with care instructions, so that if properly cared for they will last well. Our Bouquets are always delivered with a sachet of flower food too.

It is nice to order flowers to compliment the tones of the recipient’s home. If your Mum’s living room is decorated in light colours, you might want to order something soft and pretty, but if it is bolder and bright, then she might prefer a tropical selection or a mass of bright tulips.

Another consideration is scent, some flowers can have an overpowering perfume like Hyacinths, Oriental Lily’s look beautiful but can smell strongly. If your Mum gets hay fever, she might not like having flowers that have a strong perfume.

If you know that your Mum has a vase, then a hand-tied bouquet is a perfect gift, the flowers will just need to be unwrapped, the stems cut to fit and then placed in the vase. If you doubt that she has a vase, then an aqua hand-tied bouquet can be the answer, as the flower stems will be in a bubble of water, and presented in a vase style box.

If your Mum will be going out for lunch or be busy on the day, them it may be better to send her flowers that are already arranged in a basket or container, alternatively a basket of bulbs or houseplants will last longer than fresh flowers.

Our team of delivery drivers will be out and about delivering throughout the Chichester and Bognor Regis areas throughout Mother’s Day weekend,. We cover the Selsey and Wittering areas too as well as Barnham and the Five Villages.