Approved Wedding Suppliers – are they really !

Approved Wedding Suppliers – are they really !

As you all know as a Florist, I love arranging fresh flowers for Weddings in and around the Chichester and Bognor Regis area of West Sussex. I go out of my way to ensure that every couple that use me to provide flowers for their special day, get everything that they wished for and more. I enjoy visiting all the beautiful venues in the area and decorating them for my couples special day, and I have a good knowledge of these lovely places.

So, last December when I received an email from West Sussex County Council last December asking if I would be interested in being referred to clients of Edes House, I thought what a fantastic opportunity ! The email said that West Sussex County Council was seeking applications from local companies to join an approved list of suppliers. I had to sign into an online Portal and provide lots of information and was told that I would be contacted in due course.

On 8th March I received an email from Edes House saying that they would like to be able to offer my floristry services to their clients, so I was really pleased ! Edes House as the former Registry Office in the town must be the busiest venue for Weddings in the Chichester area. But in order for them to recommend my services I was asked to complete an application form which would be put forward for evaluation. I was told that the procurement project was about to close and that the form needed to be completed and returned by 13th March. So there was no time to waste and I downloaded the 16 page Event Services application form. The information needed was quite detailed and I was surprised at some of the questions asked, especially about my business finances. But, this was an opportunity and I don’t like to miss out on these things ! There were lots of things requested, I had to provide references, from Venues and Clients, as well as write a 400 word hypothetical quote for a potential client. It took a whole weekend to complete !

There was one question that intriqued me - I was asked the “percentage fee charged to the client that will be passed back to West Sussex County Council for the referral ? “ to which my reply was “ I do not have enough margin in the prices that I charge to give Edes House a percentage. I cannot charge couples getting married at Edes House more than I would if they were getting married at any other venue. I would like to think that I am selected for my skills, experience and the service that I provide, rather than for a Kickback and if that is so– that’s sad! “

The fully completed form was submitted and 2 days later I received the reply. –

Thank you so much for completing the form. Unfortunately the document clearly states:-

“Failure to provide a positive % referral fee in Part G will result in you not being included on the select list.”

Therefore we cannot add you to the list at this current time.

Many thanks for your interest in becoming a nominated supplier.

So Brides to be and Couples arranging your special day in Chichester, you really need to be aware that any suppliers recommended by Edes House are only on the list because they are paying to be there !

Draw your own conclusions from that !!