Alternative ways to use fresh flowers on your Wedding Day

Alternative ways to use fresh flowers on your Wedding Day

It’s the time of year that we call the Wedding Season and we will be really busy over the next few months, as during this time we have more Weddings booked than ever before. It is always an enjoyable time, from seeing the couple for the first Wedding consultation, to delivering the flowers on the big day, and handing the Bride her bouquet, we love the whole experience. Weddings are a real chance for us to use our passion and experience to create something the happy couple will remember forever.

We will usually provide fresh flowers bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids as well as flowers for Buttonholes, table centres etc, but there are so many other possibilities for using fresh flowers for wedding décor ! Fresh flowers can totally change the feel of a venue and can be used to decorate anything from your cake to your car ! Last weekend we arrived to the blank canvas at the Tournerbury Wedding Venue on Hayling Island, and a few hours later, the place looked totally different.

It is becoming more popular to have fresh flowers on the Wedding Cake; the days of sugar paste decorations are over. We can create a delicate little arrangement for the top tier and wire flowers to decorate the rest. Sometimes the person that has made the cake likes to put the flowers in place, but we are happy to do it if you are prepared to trust us with the responsibility!

Abroad they go to great lengths to decorate Wedding cars, with huge arrangements on the bonnet; here we tend to just tie some white ribbon on the front of the car. A little arrangement of fresh flowers on the back shelf will feature in the photos and look lovely for anyone following!

We have an amazing Wooden Arch; it is totally unique and built especially for us by one of our Grooms, who is a Carpenter. Dressed with a drape of soft fabric and a spray of foliage and flowers, the arch creates a wonderful photo frame for your pictures. The Arch can be placed at the altar area in a venue such as The Guildhall in Priory Park, Chichester, it can be used to brighten up and create a flowery entrance or used as a huge photo frame for your photographs.

The Registrars table is a prime place for photographs, traditionally there will be an arrangement there which can then be used on the top table at the reception, but how about something behind the table on the wall and create a backdrop ? An installation of foliage with some flowers will provide a perfect focal point.

Go for a picture-perfect entrance, as you approach the Groom, walking down the aisle, how about lining the sides with groups of foliage and flowers, rather than the traditional bunches of Gypsophila tied with ribbon ? Small arrangements can be recycled as decorations for the reception or given away to your guests. They will look amazing in the photos !

Although recycled jam jars do look really pretty, how many people have used this idea ? Be individual and come up with something different ! We have lots of glassware, containers, candelabras etc to help you go for a fresh approach. If you find a picture of something that you like, we can take a look, explain the practicalities and come up with an option for you, we love doing these things !

If you are having your reception in a large marquee or in a venue with vaulted ceilings, a large hanging arrangement could add instant drama and impact. Or you could be in a situation where you want to disguise something ugly ! if the space on the tables is limited then this could be a great alternative. We can use lots of foliage and flowers to complement your colour scheme to create something really dramatic.

We are constantly accumulating things, my latest are - 6 clear plastic umbrellas ( Just like the Queen uses ! ) and although I already have jars suitable for sweets, I now have some tongs and scoops. All of these things can be used and incorporated into your Weddng package, if you choose to use Earth Seed to Bloom to supply your Wedding Day Flowers. Little touches like these, are an unnecessary expense when you are planning your day and just help to bring the whole thing together.

Just ask and we will do what we can to help.