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Christmas 2020

We can’t have a Chichester Christmas without loads of glitter and sparkle ! This year is certainly no exception ! I think that this year, after everything that has been going on, everyone is going to go totally overboard – totally understandably ! Customers are already asking about wreaths and Christmas arrangements, this doesn’t usually... read more »

Fresh Flower Fridays

Fresh Flower Fridays

I have been working from the Earth Seed to Bloom Workshop, in Fisher Lane, North Mundham, since taking over the business over 12 years ago. I have a vast database of customers who call to place their orders for deliveries of fresh flowers in the Chichester area or place their flower order online from... read more »

Chichester and Bognor Regis - Fresh Flower Subscripton Service

Our fresh flower subscription service is becoming more and more popular. From an annual subscription to a regular weekly order, I can tailor a package to meet your needs. The idea of organizing a regular delivery is perfect gift for anyone, with so many people with demanding lifestyles and even those who may be... read more »

Brexit and the Flower industry

Your local Chichester Florist has written to our MP this week about ….. Brexit ! With all the issues with Covid, we have very nearly overlooked the issues that Brexit will bring. As a small floristry business owner, the government’s proposed tariff of 8% on flowers coming into the UK after the 31st December 2020... read more »

Weddings after Coronavirus

From March on wards, all the Weddings that I had booked for this year in the Chichester area, have been adjourned until next year, even the Wedding that was booked in Arundel for the 29th December 2020 is rebooked for 2021. Although everyone now has a new date for next year and has rebooked... read more »

Flowers in your hair

Your Chichester Florist is finding that more and more people are wanting to wear fresh flowers in their hair, not only Brides for Weddings but for other events too. Using fresh flowers is such a simple way to dress up a conventional up-do and add a pretty and individual look to a hairstyle. A messy... read more »

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is always an exciting time for your Chichester Florist, with the anticipation of how many Red Roses and other flowers we will sell. Our order for Red Roses was placed back in January, we keep records every year of what we have sold so that when it comes to placing our order with... read more »

Long lasting flowers

Long lasting flowers

Your Chichester Florist knows that it is always lovely to make someone’s day by sending a bouquet, and flowers are a perfect way to brighten up your home. When choosing flowers to go in a bouquet the first things to consider are the colour and variety of the flowers to create something suitable for... read more »